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ND Banks Benefit Trust

As a solution to the ever-increasing costs and challenges involved in providing health insurance, ND BANKS Benefit Trust was formed in 2014. ND BANKS Benefit Trust is a North Dakota-based entity affiliated with the North Dakota Bankers Association (NDBA) and the Independent Community Banks of North Dakota (ICBND). Addressing members' needs and providing compelling and responsible solutions is what we do and this is another service that is run by banks for banks!

Benefits of Self-Funding
ND BANKS Benefit Trust only insures banking industry employees and their families, resulting in a more favorable risk pool. Self-funded plans feature lower fixed costs than fully-insured plans offered through an insurance carrier: administrative costs, taxes and built-in industry fees are less.

Buying Power
You get the buying power and clout of a large employer. We are able to offer multiple health insurance options to North Dakota banks. We look forward to adding additional benefits that banks can offer to employees because of our
group size.

Rate Stability
We are able to offer the best possible rates, from the high-quality carrier you know... Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.

The Trust is designed specifically to meet the needs of banks. We know that every employer has their own unique goals and we will keep customization in mind. As the Trust grows, employers can choose to utilize the Trust for all of their benefit needs or as a supplement to their existing program.

Our Commitment
Provide quality benefits and stable premiums

Keep the interests of participating banks and their employees at the center of every decision

Hold administrative costs low and return any excess premiums to
participating banks - via lower premium increases and premium holidays

Promote, encourage and support healthy lifestyles

For more information on ND BANKS Benefit Trust, please contact
Angi Day at (701) 223-5303 or

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