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The NDBA government relations program focuses on passing bills that enable our bankers to be able to achieve profit by engaging in business in a fair, competitive and efficient environment. NDBA government relations team members work to achieve this mission by providing accurate information to state and federal legislators and by speaking with a unified industry voice.

NDBA's primary lobbyists are the association President and CEO and its General Counsel. They:
  • Initiate, analyze and tracks legislative bills.
  • Testify before legislative committees and contact individual legislators to explain the effect of potential legislation and NDBA positions on specific bills.
  • Participate in legislative fundraisers in order to keep an open line of communication with legislators from both parties.
  • Research issues and ask North Dakota bankers how they feel about issues.
  • Work with state and federal bank regulators regarding industry issues and by commenting on regulatory proposals as they arise.
The effectiveness of the NDBA legislative program is directly proportional to the involvement of individual bankers with their legislators; your participation is critical. If you have a question about a legislative bill or have an idea for legislation that would help your bank serve North Dakotans, please let us know. NDBA has been most effective when it is promoting ideas that have been generated by its member banks.

Rick Clayburgh
Rick Clayburgh
North Dakota Bankers Association
President and CEO

Marilyn Foss
Tracy Kennedy
North Dakota Bankers Association
General Counsel

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