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Ask Kennedy

In this webinar series, NDBA General Counsel Tracy Kennedy reviews questions she has received from NDBA member banks. You will learn what issues banks are facing and hear answers to those issues.

The first Wednesday of each month from 11:00-11:45 am CT.
(Events will be recorded.)

A written bulletin of questions and answers will also be published by NDBA.

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Additional Information

November 2022 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • November White Paper
    • Member Questions
    • Special Guest Bob Fossum, VP at Farmers & Merchants Bank
    • “AEI.Ag Presents” Ag Podcast
    • Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure
    • CFPB & FDIC Update
    • FDIC Stablecoin Concerns
    • Chapter 11 Subchapter V Bankruptcies

October 2022 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • October White Paper
  • October Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Ag Credit Conference Follow-Up: Brand Laws
    • Mortgage Protection Warning
    • NDBA General Question: Fixtures
    • What the Zelle is up with Liz?
    • FAQ: Trusts
    • Upcoming NDBA Events

September 2022 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • September White Paper
  • September Recording
    • Special Guest Kathy Torske, NDBA Chair
    • Special Guest Dustin Bakken: BND Collateral Valuation Services
    • Special Guest Rick Clayburgh, NDBA President: FDIC Multiple Re-Presentment NSF Fees
    • Member Questions
    • NDBA General Question: Child Support Liens
    • FAQ: Garnishments
    • Upcoming NDBA Events

August 2022 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • August White Paper
  • August Recording
    • Member Questions
    • NDBA General Question: Cashier’s Checks
    • Marijuana Banking Update
    • Overdraft and Nonsufficient Funds Fees
    • Warning for Grain Farmers
    • Fintech Banking Podcasts
    • Upcoming NDBA Events

July 2022 "Ask Kenndy" Webinar
  • July White Paper
  • July Recording
    • Member Questions
    • It’s Called Secured Transactions, Not Secured Lending
    • Succession of a Single-Member LLC
    • Anti-Corporate Farming
    • CFPB Examination Manual Update
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
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