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Ask Kennedy

In this webinar series, NDBA General Counsel Tracy Kennedy reviews questions she has received from NDBA member banks. You will learn what issues banks are facing and hear answers to those issues.

The first Wednesday of each month from 11:00-11:45 am CT.
(Events will be recorded.)

A written bulletin of questions and answers will also be published by NDBA.

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Additional Information

June 2022 "Ask Kennedy" Webinar
  • June White Paper
  • June Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Question from the ABA Compliance Hotline
    • What is a “General Intangible” in your Security Agreement?
    • North Dakota Department of Financial Institutions Digital Asset Guidance
    • Proposed Federal Stablecoin TRUST Act of 2022
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
May 2022 "Ask Kennedy" Webinar
  • May White Paper
  • May Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Title Searches and Title Lock
    • Special Guest: Christopher Gray
    • It’s Not My Birthday Case
    • Upcoming NDBA Events

April 2022 "Ask Kennedy" Webinar
  • April White Paper
  • April Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Climate-Related Financial Risk
    • Overdraft Protection
    • 3 Things You Need to Know Before Entering the 2022 ag Lending Season (John Schroeder, Partner at Zimney Foster P.C.)
    • Electronic Funds Transfer Act
    • Upcoming NDBA/SDBA Events

March 2022 "Ask Kennedy" Webinar
  • March White Paper
  • March Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Cross-Collateralization Clauses and Flood Insurance
    • E-SIGN Modernization Act
    • Cybersecurity
    • Upcoming NDBA Events
    • Women’s History Month
    • 2022 Washington D.C. Recap

February 2022 "Ask Kennedy" Webinar
January 2022 "Ask Kennedy" Webinar | Special Guest: NDBA President, Rick Clayburgh
  • January White Paper
  • January Recording
    • Call to Action
    • Member Questions
    • Flood Insurance and Cross-Collateralization
    • FDIC Chair Resignation
    • CFPB Strategic Plan 2022-2026
    • BankBeat’s Banker of the Year 2022 - Brenda K. Foster

December "Ask Kennedy" Webinar
  • December White Paper
  • December Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Check Endorsements
    • Telecommuting or Work From Home Policies
    • North Dakota Special Legislative Session
    • Biden Administration Spending Bill
    • CFPB Focus on Overdrafts
    • CFPB Banking Resources
    • Update to FFIEC BSA/AML Exam Manual
    • FinCEN Real Estate Sector Reporting Requirements
    • 2021 Regulatory Recap
    • Attachment: Holiday Recipes submitted by NDBA Members

November "Ask Kennedy" Webinar
  • November White Paper
  • November Recording
    • Member Question: PMSI in Livestock
    • Secure American Opportunity
    • IRS Reporting Update
    • CFPB Update: ECOA
    • Beneficial Ownership Registry
    • PPP Fraud Tracker
    • Considerations for Your 2022 Ag Loan Renewals
    • Regulation of the Month
    • Urgent Request for Holiday Recipes

October "Ask Kennedy" Webinar
  • October White Paper
  • October Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Title Searches and Title Lock
    • LIBOR Transactions
    • IRS Reporting Requirements
    • Treasury and Climate-Related Financial Risks
    • COVID Mandates
    • Real-Time Payments
    • Risk Self-Assessment Tool
    • Regulation of the Month

September "Ask Kennedy" Webinar
  • September White Paper
  • September Recording
    • Member Questions
    • Temporary Appraisal Waiver
    • Pipeline Foods and ND Grain Regulation
    • CDC COVID Eviction Moratorium
    • New Cannabis Bill
    • FinTech Due Diligence
    • ARRC–Secured Overnight Financing Rates
    • Data Security Insurance Update—SB 2075
    • NDBA Meeting and Ag Conference
    • Regulation of the Month

August "Ask Kennedy" Webinar | Featuring 2021 Dakota School of Banking Students
  • August White Paper
  • August Recording
    • Questions from 2021 Dakota School of Banking Students
    • NEW North Dakota Unclaimed Property Law: Effective July 1
    • Future of the FDCPA
    • Cryptocurrency Watch
    • Minority Farmer Debt Relief
    • PPP Inquiries
    • Reminder: BND Ag Disaster Relief Program
    • Regulation of the Month—Reg X
July "Ask Kennedy" Webinar | Special Guest: NDBA Chair, Christie Huber Obenauer
  • July White Paper
  • July Recording
    • Discussing the Questions from Dakota School of Banking
    • Talking about Sole Proprietorships
    • The CFPB July 2021 Complaint Bulletin
    • The 2021 Updates to Hemp and CBD
    • Perfection of Drones
    • ECORA
June Main Topic: Usury Rate | Elder Abuse May Main Topic: Verification of E-Signatures | COVID-19: 2021 Paid Leave and Bank Vaccine Policies April Main Topic: Unemployment March Main Topic: Garnishments February Main Topic: Security Interests January Main Topic: Burial Fund Legislation

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