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Graduate School of Banking-Madison

Graduate School of Banking 
at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
5315 Wall St, Ste 280
Madison WI 53718-7965
Phone: (608) 243-1945 

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About GSB-Madison
The Graduate School of Banking at UW-Madison believes the most effective learning environment is one in which students are challenged to move out of their own functional areas to work across disciplines. That's why GSB-WI offers the most comprehensive and results-oriented advanced management program available in the industry. The curriculum allows mid- to senior-level managers, the future leaders, to push beyond theory and put key concepts to work in the real world - to challenge assumptions, develop critical thinking skills and gain the necessary leadership acumen to drive organizational success and motivate people by drawing on a clear understanding of all key areas of financial services management. Those who invest the 25 months required to complete the GSB-WI program will gain an education that moves them ahead in their careers and drives their bank's success. 

For more information, please contact the GSB office at (608) 243-1945 or visit

Alumni Representative
Bernie Sinner
President/Senior Lending Officer
BankNorth, Casselton, ND  

Phone: 701.788.3110

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