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IT Certification Programs

The SBS Institute offers a unique series of role-based cybersecurity certifications. The SBS Institute is designed to serve the banking industry by providing industry-specific cyber education. SBS certifications will prepare bankers and their banks for cybersecurity threats and regulations as well as create confidence with examiners and auditors. Each online course is tailored to specific roles within a bank, creating a flexible and targeted learning experience.

The SBS Institute has issued over 2,000 certifications to professionals in the financial services industry. Join this growing community of professionals showing their commitment to strong cybersecurity and career advancement with a certification from the SBS Institute.  Click here to see availability.

  • Certified Banking Security Manager
  • Certified Banking Security Technology Professional
  • Certified Banking Vendor Manager
  • Certified Banking Cybersecurity Manager
  • Certified Banking Ethical Hacker
  • Certified Banking Incident Handler
  • Certified Banking Business Continuity Professional
  • Certified Banking Security Executive
  • Certified Banking Vulnerability Assessor
  • Certified TRAC Professional



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