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We are proud to say that 100% of our bank members use the services of at least one of our 13 Endorsed Business Partners, with the average being seven. We value these alliances between business and bank. An endorsement designation is awarded exclusively to approximately 10 percent of NDBA associate members by the NDBA Services, Inc. Board of Directors. Criteria for endorsement include: value-added benefits (cost savings or income enhancements) available only to NDBA members and business opportunity for NDBA Services to earn income that further supports membership programs. 

Through the endorsement of respected and reliable vendors, the NDBA Services Board and staff help NDBA members make informed purchasing decisions that contribute to your bank's profitability and service objectives.

Partner with providers who are known for quality, reliability, and service excellence. Your NDBA Services, Inc. contact is Ann Reich at (701) 223-5303 or

Allied SolutionsAllied Solutions Logo

Steve Owens

AscensusAscensus Logo

Travis Hanson

The Baker GroupBaker Group Logo

Jantz Kinzer

Bankers Healthcare GroupCompliance Alliance

Keith Gruebele


Compliance AllianceCompliance Alliance

Darlia Fogarty

Fiserv Inc.

Clark Gunson

Data Verify Flood ServicesDataVerify Flood Services

Teri Sizemore

IntraFi Network

Bradley D. Cole

MBIS LogoMidwest Bankers Insurance Services

Adam Dawson

Office Depot logoOffice Depot

Kimberly Gilbert

SBS CyberSecurity (SBS)SBSCybersecurity- Logo

Rick Olivier

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Kevin Brown

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Brian Robinson


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