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News Archive for Dec 2021

Court Stay of Vaccine Mandate Expected to Remain in Place Through Dec. 10

Posted on: 12/1/2021
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal’s stay of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s ...

Dollar Thresholds for Exempt Transactions Increase

Posted on: 12/1/2021
Financial regulators this week announced that the dollar threshold at which higher-priced mortgages ...

Five Democratic Senators Oppose Confirming Omarova to OCC

Posted on: 12/1/2021
Five Democratic senators have told the White House they won't support the nomination of law professor ...

Regulators Planning Crypto Guidance for Banks

Posted on: 12/1/2021
Banks can expect additional guidance from regulators over the next year clarifying the types of crypto-related ...

OCC Nominee Withdraws from Consideration

Posted on: 12/8/2021
Saule Omarova, President Biden’s nominee to serve as the next comptroller of the currency, yesterday ...

Court Issues Nationwide Injunction Against Federal Contractors Vaccine Mandate

Posted on: 12/8/2021
A federal court in Georgia yesterday enjoined the federal government nationwide from enforcing its vaccine ...

FDIC Launches Office of Supervisory Appeals

Posted on: 12/8/2021
The FDIC’s new Office of Supervisory Appeals became fully operational on December 6 and will begin ...

CFPB Publishes Reports on Overdraft, Bank Fee Revenuesate to Include SAFE Banking Act in NDAA

Posted on: 12/8/2021
The CFPB has published reports detailing the agency’s research into overdraft and other bank fees ...

FFIEC Updates BSA/AML Exam Manual

Posted on: 12/8/2021
The FFIEC has released a new section and updates to three chapters of its Bank Secrecy Act/anti-money ...

NDBA Joins State Associations, ABA in Urging Senate to Include SAFE Banking Act in NDAA

Posted on: 12/8/2021
In a letter to the Senate last week, NDBA joined more than 50 state banking associations and the ABA ...

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